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Delivery servers are needed in order to send out all the emails from the application.

Even if it’s about sending a confirmation email, an email campaign, a test email, you need a delivery server to actually make the delivery.

MailWizz comes with support for any SMTP server out there, PHP’s built-in mail function and sendmail.

Also it integrates with services like Sparkpost, MailGun, Amazon SES, SendGrid, ElasticEmail, NewsMan and much more in order to make sure you are not limited into using just a single service but you have a wide array of options. You can use either of them, or all of them together. TDB Newsletter gives you total flexibility for this.


You like it or not, when you start sending emails, not all your addresses will be valid and when sending emails to invalid email addresses, these emails will return to you in order to notify you that the given email address is not valid anymore.

In order for TDB Newsletter to be able to catch these emails and take proper actions against them, you need to use a feature called bounce servers.

Bounce servers are actually regular email boxes that are used by TDB Newsletterin order to catch the returning emails and take proper actions. After creating a bounce server, make sure you associate it with a delivery server, otherwise bounce processing will not work.

Please note that delivery servers of type web api do not need bounce servers. These bounces are processed automatically through webhooks.


As Port25 says:

"When one of your subscribers clicks “This Is Spam” for an email sent from one of your IPs, this is considered a “complaint.”   If you are having difficulty delivering email to any of the ISPs listed below, a feedback loop (FBL) would benefit you.  Each listing below will take you to a page that provides step by step instructions on how to set up your feedback loops.

"Those companies approved or “whitelisted”  for FBLs will be sent a sent a copy of each complaint generated when one of your subscribers  reports your email as spam.  Monitoring FBLs benefits both bulkmailers and ISPs, in that they help to manage mailing lists as well as providing early warnings of network security issues such as bot infestations, compromised web forms, and other such sources of spam and abuse.

Setting up FBLs correctly at each ISP is a cornerstone of better inbox deliverability."

The link above will take you to a full list of FBL servers.

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